Who cares, I care.
Why do I care?

My heart was torn,
broken into a hundred pieces.

I try to catch my breath,
but I lost it with my heart.

I close my eyes,
I can’t see anything anyways.

Who cares. I care.
I care so much.
I don’t get it.
I don’t try to.

I’ll fall more times then I’ll stand.
I’ll trip more times then I’ll step.

I care. Who cares?
No one else does. No one else will. No one else can.

I’m alone.
From now, to the end of time.

I don’t believe that do I? I hope beyond hope for something more one day. I hate being alone. I hate it. This is of my own doing though. This of my own actions and accord. I am alone by choice, be it conscious or not.


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