Life as a Trash Mob: Prologue

The rain drops falling from the sky hitting my back bring back to consciousness. My head is pounding and my vision blurry- I can feel a bright hot pain coming from my chest.

Blood leaks from my chest and onto the concrete road beneath me, and a chill starts to seep into my bones.

I can vaguely hear shouts of some kind- but the sounds all around me start to get quieter and quieter.

I close my eyes.


[Initiating Rebirth system.]

[Rebirth has failed. Error 9xe85]

[Initiating fallback system.]

[Fallback has failed. Error 4xe2]

[Placing target in first available slot.]

[Slot found.]

[Target placed.]

The next time I open my eyes I’m shocked to realize that the pain that was haunting me before had faded away. I blink once or twice, my vision clearly as I look upwards. A bright afternoon sun shines above me.

“Weird- why am I still outside?” I mutter to myself as I try to life myself off the ground.

I lift myself up and attempt to stand up- except- my arms are green. My- my arms are green.

“Wha-” I’m cut off by when a shadow suddenly covers me. I look up to see a bird the size of a elephant leering at me.

I only have a second to react before it suddenly pecks forwards directly at where I used to be lying- I mange to jum- no leap out of the way flying what feels like twenty feet away.

The bird gives chase and I keep leaping towards a hole in the ground. Diving into I let out a scream as the bird sticks it’s head into the hole after me.

It stops near inches away from me as it’s beak opens and closes trying to reach me.

I inch further away heading deeper into the hole the clacking of the peak still behind me.

“What the fuck is going on.” I scream in my head as I slow my pace and take a look around, for being so deep under ground it’s oddly bright.

I spot a large puddle of water and a sudden thirst overtakes me. I hop twice towards it and bend my head down to take a deep drink. Lifting my head the water settles and I freeze when I see my reflection.

Looking back at me were two large yellow eyes with black pupils. There were surrounded with a green slimy looking skin.

Quite frankly- my reflection was showing a frog.

I was a frog.


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