World Building – Building Blocks

Let’s build a world!

The first thing that I do at least when creating any new fantasy world- is start with a creation myth. That basics of how your world was created I find, usually leads to filling it rather easily. Let’s start with the Why.

Why was our world created? To fulfill a purpose or simply to exist. One of my favourite book series- The Belgariad- by David Eddings, has two battling prophecies for what purpose the world was created for. Everything that ever was and ever is- was building to that purpose. Personally I find that way too stuffy for a fun fantasy romp- so let’s just go with the fact that this world simply exists. Or- we could go with the lonely god story.

There was once a being of immense power. As it took in breath the very winds of the world flew towards to it. As it took steps, the ground itself rose to meet it. As it’s heart beat, the seas shifted to match it’s tempo. Yet, for all of it’s power it was alone. There was naught a single being other then it. For a while, the being took pride in this. It roamed the world and shifted it at a whim. Brought forth massive towers and mountains and it saw fit. Changed the coast and brought forth the oceans on a whim. Cultivated vast forests in minutes and burned them once they had reached the sky. Yet- it was still alone. There was naught a single being for it to boast to. Soon, this wasn’t enough. Soon- it wished- it wanted- it needed others. It’s first attempts to bring forth companions were clumsy. Monstrous creatures that knew nothing but hunger and wrought forth destruction on it’s world. It was undeterred however. It kept trying. It kept making new creatures and soon it’s world was filled with other voices and sounds then it’s own. The wind no longer answered to only it’s breath. The ground no longer had only it to bear. The seas now followed another’s beat. This was not what the being wanted. The being wanted others to merely bask in it’s power- not to take it from it. It struck down it’s creations. It struck against the very world it once ruled. There was silence once more. Naught but the being to bask once more it’s own power. 

Time passed. The world saw more change as the being once again tore it apart and rebuild it as it saw fit. Time passed still- and the being once more felt that pang of loneliness. It wanted others once more, but it was warily. Would it not just feel the same pain as it once had. Creating once again creatures to steal from itself? Time passed as the being thought. Eventually- time won. It created new beings- this time making sure to seal them away from itself. It kept most of the world to itself, but gave it’s new creations part of it. Time passed as the world was once more filled with sounds of voices not it’s own. These new creatures worshipped it- held it up and above everything. Then- something the being never had considered happened. One of the creatures it had created- ceased to exist. It simply stopped being. The creature flew into a rage- rending apart the world it had kept to itself. In it’s rage it created more and more. It sprang forth an endless sea of new creations as the first he had created still continued to stop being. 

Time passed and it was almost alone again. No matter how many creatures it made- the dying overtook it. There was only so much time. It knew then- that something must be done. Something must be done to stop the endless tide of time. In it’s pondering it realized something. It could give itself to all it’s creations and allow them to create more. It could let the winds, the ground, the seas follow them, and in doing so ensure that the world would never be empty. It wasn’t without thought that the being knew this was why they had come into the world. It was for this reason and this reason only that the being hadn’t stopped being. And so, the being did so- and in it’s end- ensured the world it grew to love and cherish would never be without caretakers.

Right- something like that. I like it- it also gets rid of something I hate dealing with in worlds and stories. Actual living deities. Deus Ex Machina is a tired trope for a reason eh? Anyways now that we’ve created our world- we need to actually fill it with these creations and beings. I’ll be going over some standard fantasy races and essentially spicing them up to my own liking in the next few posts. Then we’ve got to get the geography of the world down, and finally some basic history.

From then- maybe some short stories in the world to make it feel more real, but yeah- who knows where this could go!


Solo DnD – Tyranny of Dragons – Session 1: Reboot

We are going to be trying this once more! It’s been a long time so we’re not going to be continuing what I started previously- hence the title, but we are going to finish this adventure path. I’ve been doing some thinking on how I want this to run as well- and I’m going to try and limit each session to about one encounter. Hopefully that makes these posts shorter and quicker to pump out.

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I’m a shitty person. I know that. Although, even if the this knowledge should make me want to change it doesn’t.

I used to hate my very being. I used to hate myself so much more. I used to loath my existence and wish I was dead.

Now though, I like myself. I have some semblance of self-respect for who I am. It’s been a long uphill battle to reach where I am- and I just want to enjoy that.

Even though I am a shitty person. Even though I’m a terrible person.

Just let me bask in my own awfulness.