Solo DnD – Tyranny of Dragons – Session 3: Finding the Keep

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So, where were we? This session is probably going to be more roleplay heavy, and therefore more story heavy. Not much else to say, so let’s just get down to brass tracks.

Target obtained.
Determining new priorities.

Last we left, we had just knocked out the last remaining Cultist- we’re going to bind him with his own robes and then lean him up against a building. PU7 will smack him a couple of times on his face to wake him up- and then we start the questioning!

We’re going to go with a Persuasion check first- just because it seems more fitting thematically for PU7 to try and question him nicely first. We get a 21- which is pretty good actually. From our Flaw we know that PU7 has no respect for people who aren’t proven warriors. Since this Cultist was defeated pretty easily and also didn’t really attack for three turns as they were too afraid of our hero- I’m going to simply chalk it up as PU7 not liking this guy very much.

I open my eyes to see the metal creature that slain my companions towering over me. I try to stand up but realize that my arms have legs have been bound with some tattered rope. The creature places a cold hand on my shoulder, “Why are you attacking?” It’s voice sounds- off. The words don’t seem to be connected, merely recited and placed together to make the imitation of speech.

So we get some information from the Cultist. What the cultist knows we can find from the book! Taking a look at that we get the following scene.

“The Queen of Dragons requires a great hoard,” the hooded figure spits out- they’re eyes wide as the metal creature leans down to capture every sound they utter, “We are mere servants to the masters. We are here to take what the Queen rightfully owns!”

We’ll say that’s how much the cultist is willing to say here- aside from death he’s a pretty loyal fella. PU7 will nod before finishing off the cultist. They don’t really care too much about them and it’s main directive is to protect the weak- and this cultist has been just slaughtering the helpless villagers.

PU7 will move from here eastwards and run into a group of fleeing peasants! For thematic purposes we’re going to make this Cuth and his children.

We turn the street corner and freeze, I move the children behind me as the a figure starts to head towards us. They’re lit by the flickering flames of the nearby buildings- and only their slow pace towards us keeps me from running back down the street. As they get closer I recognize them- it’s the armoured warrior that I had left to fight the kobolds that killed Linan. 

It comes up a few feet away from us before speaking, “Citizens, you should seek refuge,” It gestures towards the burning city, “It is not safe here.”

With them in tow and now the knowledge that most of the citizens are gathering in the keep, we’ll head eastwards to make it there. As the book dictates we arrive just as they’re starting to bar the gate to the keep. We earn a few XP points for bringing back a group of NPCs! It’s 50Xp per NPC, and with Cuth and his three children that means we get 200 XP! Which actually pushes PU7 over the required XP to hit Level 2.

That means we’ll have to do some levelling up here (which after talking about it will most likely bring us to the end of this blog post.)

Now at Level 2 we get quite a bit for our Paladin. The three features we unlock are Fighting Style, Spellcasting and Divine Smite.

First thing though, we’ve got to figure out PU7’s new Max HP. To simplify things we’re going to use the average amount, which bumps us up to 22 HP. For our current HP, we’ll simply gain our current 1 HP with the newly gained amount, giving us 10 HP currently.

For our first feature, we get to choose a Fighting Style. We have quite a few options here, my head says to choose the Defense style, since that’ll bump our already high AC of 19 up to 20. That’s really high and makes it so that only the strongest of monsters will end up hitting us. The other way we could go is with the Dueling style, since that’ll add a bonus 2 points of damage to every attack we make. Which is also awesome. Yeah we’re going to go with Dueling.

Next up is Divine Smite. As the book states, this is basically just extra damage I can toss onto an attack.

Spellcasting is much more interesting and a lot more to do. Essentially, we’ve got to add our Spell Attack bonus which is our CHA mod with our PROF mod. That gives us a bonus of +4 and also gives us a  spell DC of 12. We gain access to the entire Paladin spell list, but we only have 2 spell slots and are only able to prepare 3 spells total. On level up, we’re going to prepare Cure Wounds, Shield of Faith, and  Thunderous Smite.

Here’s the link to the Character Sheet.

That brings us to the end of a rather short post- but I did write up an appendix page last week- so… that’s something!?

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