Solo DnD – Tyranny of Dragons – Session 4: At the Keep

So, here we go. There’s going to a lot of plot and roleplaying in this session, which will hopefully be topped off with an encounter. Probably going to go a little off the rails here, as we’re going to see if we can’t recruit some CCs, as well as get some more equipment.

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HP: 10/22        Spell Slots: 2/2       EXP: 300/900

First things first, we ended last session with PU7 arriving at the keep with Cuth and his three children.

The gate shuts behind us just as we cross the threshold into the keep. I turn to look behind me, the armoured knight stands still looking around the keep with what I can only guess to be interest. A guard comes up to us and quickly guides us to another group of survivors. I can see a group of other town guardsmen surrounding what looks to be a table with maps and charts strew on it- a dwarf and the governor are quietly going over them while the other guards stand at attention. The guard leading us asks if we’re injured and I shake my head, he nods before going to speak to the armoured knight and pauses- indecision clearly on his face as he looks the knight up and down, “He’s with us,” I hear myself say- not quite understanding exactly what the words that just came from my mouth mean, but the guard merely looks back at me and nods, “By the look of it- he might be of some use to the governor- heaven knows we need all the help we can get.” The knight responds, “Affirmative. New chain of command established. Will seek out “governor” for more directives.” I can only stare as the knight heads off.

PU7 makes his way from the entrance to the keep and then heads towards where Escobert and Nighthill have been discussing plans to fight against the raiders. For those of you without the book open in front of you- I’ll give you some quick information on these two plot important characters.

Governor Nighthill. Human male of sixty years old- right side of the face is covered in bandages and his right arm is hung in a sling. He wears a light blue tunic stained in his own blood. The book doesn’t describe his personality- but for the sake of the adventure we’ll have him be a serious and gruff fellow. Not so much stressed by the current situation but more annoyed and angry at the gall of the invaders.

Castellan Escobert the Red. Shield Dwarf with knotted, tangled, bright red hair. Probably older then Nighthill but a decade or two (but still acts less mature). In charge of defense of the keep.

The governor will then explain the current situation to PU7.

They were clad in full armor, their entire body encased in metal. They looked to be the reliable type though the crest on their sheild was one that I didn’t recognize. I pegged them as some kind of errant knight, perhaps either banished from their liege lord, or willing left to adventure. Either way, them being here was a godsend. I turn to look to Escobert, the dwarf whom had served as my castellan when I was young, and now serves as my right hand. He’s also eyeing up our visitor and I can see that he too spots the tiny bit of hope that this knight brings.

“Orders?” Their voice, is low- distinctly male but has an odd tinge too it. Almost as if I was hearing his voice echoing from inside a cave, “I was told the “governor” would have have future directives and plans.”

“Aye,” I respond, “I’m the Governor of the Greenest, or at least what little of it hasn’t been set aflame.”

“Understood,” the knight responds, “Protection Unit reporting for duty to the highest form of authority. What are your orders?”

“Unit?” Escobert asks before I can say anything, “Are their more of you!?” His voice is excited, the image of a whole group of knights in armor no doubt in his mind.

“Unconfirmed. No signals of other members detected, could be damaged and needing repair, could be terminated.”

“Right,” I try and take command of the situation once more, “No one else then- we’ll just have to make do. You say you’re looking for orders, am I to assume you’re willing to help us fight back these invaders then?”

“Affirmative.” His response is quick, almost instant and without a shred of doubt in it. I can feel myself nodding towards him.

“I appreciate your confidence, come with me,” I turn to Escobert and give a minute nod, he nods back as I lead the knight to the parapets of the keep. The walk up the flight of stairs is quiet as I mull over my thoughts. Everything I’ve seen so far of this knight makes him seem almost too good to be true. He’s poised, stoic and quiet and seems a little too willing to help- am I willing to trust him? ‘It’s not like I have any options,’ I mutter to myself as we reach the top of the parapet. The view of the burning town, my town, greets us as we look over the wall of the keep. I scan the town checking for landmarks when I spot it.

The mill, the storage for the city’s grain is being surrounded my raiders. I strain my eyes and I can just see them piling what looks to be- lumber against the building. ‘They must mean to burn it!’ The thought comes into my mind as my eyes widen- forget the raid- if the grain stored in that mill were to burn, even if we fought off the raiders the oncoming winter would kill us all, “The mill!” I shout as I turn to the knight, he hasn’t moved from behind me- simply standing by the stairs, “You must go and ensure that they don’t burn it to the ground!” I feel my uninjured hand pointing wildly towards it, the knight takes a step forwards and looks towards it before nodding.

“Orders received,” he answers back in the same even tone as he turns and begins to head down the stairs. I quickly follow behind him and when we get to the ground I signal towards Escobert to join us.

“What do you need?” Escobert questions as he rushes up to catch up with us.

“The old tunnel that leads to the moat is that still open?”

“Door’s lock might be a bit rusted, but I’ve got the keys here.”

“Excellent,” finally a bit of luck, “Give the keys to our knight here,” I turn towards the armored man, “These should let you sneak out of the keep without us having to open the gates, as well as grant you a way into the keep once you’ve completed your task. If you need anything else, we’ve some weaponry in the keep as well that you’re free to.”

“Wait, what do you have him off to do?” Escobert asks as he detaches the tunnel key from a ring and hands it to the knight, “You surely can’t expect him to go off alone, can you?”

“You’re right, but we can’t spare a guardsmen,” my eyes trail towards the courtyard, “We’ve barely enough to keep the kobolds wary enough to stop them from attacking the keep.”

“Well then, we do the only thing we can,” Escobert steps forwards towards where the villagers are gathered and grabs their attention with a shout, “Anyone here brave enough to do something about these raiders!? We won’t force you, but we’re in need of volunteers to go with the this sir knight over here!”

And let’s step out of cinematic mode here, and do some mechanics. So- the way I see it- is we’re going to roll 2d12 to see how many villagers are actually here seeking refuge. We get a 16 on our online dice roller. Now, Cuth and his three children are also there- so that gives us a total of 20 villagers. We’ll roll a d100 to see how many of them are able bodied adults. We get  70%, so simple math tells us that of the 16 rolled villagers, 11 are able bodied and that means we have 12 total able bodied people. Now in order to see if we’d get any volunteers we’re going to give these villagers stats. We’ll use the Appendix B in the Monster Manual, in order to determine their WIS modifier. Now why WIS? Well- because there isn’t really another stat that first really well, and it’s the I’ve used to combat Intimidation checks so it make the most sense to me. So, here we go- this is going to be a hard DC (17), as not only to they have a zero modifier but they should be terrified of the idea of going out to fight. We will roll it, 12 times- and should we get it at least once I’m going to say Cuth is one of the ones coming along as he’s a named NPC.

Here are our results:

20, 1, 2, 17, 6, 13, 14, 2, 16, 16, 13, 12, 9, 14, 14, 15, 14, 16, 16, 10

Wow, that’s a lot better then I expected. The nat 20 to start off with is also exciting- and overall we get villagers who are willing to volunteer! Yay~! Now, I made an appendix post about Companions Characters and how I’m going to treat them different from NPCs, feel free to read about that, but let’s draft up some statblocks for these two. Now from the Commoner  statblock I can see that they have a +2 proficiency bonus with a club- I’m going to assume that means all Commoners have training in simple weapons as well as well as light armor. Now this is of course a house ruling- and I’m doing it because it makes the most sense. They however, won’t have the proficiency for shields, which makes them a lot more squishy. We’re also going to give them max HP for the commoner, as we don’t want them to die right away.

We’re going to be adding some background to Cuth, making him a villager hunter, and our other villager as well. From a random NPC generator we get Idla Cromwell who works as a blacksmith in the village. Here are their statblocks.

Hopefully they won’t die in the upcoming encounter… Anyways, I’ve gotten a lot more here then I thought I would, so I think this warps up this post. (I know it’s horribly late, but it’s not like anyone is actually reading these soooo, who cares!)

Next time, some plot- and then some actual combat!

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