Solo DnD – Tyranny of Dragons – Session 6: To the Mill and Back

Okay, now this one should be a little more roleplaying and probably another combat encounter.

Link to Character Sheet

Cuth: 8/8 HP    EXP: 8    Ilda: 5/11 HP    EXP: 8
HP: 5/22        Spell Slots: 2/2    Lay on Hands: 5/10 HP       EXP: 333/900


Alright, so the party has just finished the encounter with the swarm of rats and now they come up to the exit grate of the tunnel. It’s going to take a DC 10 DEX check to open the lock of the exit great as years of neglect have rusted it over.

Looking at our characters, Ilda makes the most sense roleplay wise (as she’s a blacksmith) and mechanically as she shares the highest DEX mod with Cuth at +1. We get a 15 total on our role and the grate open cleanly. PU7 will take point as tehy exit the tunnel and then spot a group of hooded figures down the stream that goes into the tunnel. He’ll freeze and signal towards the rest of the party towards the raiders. The hooded figures are heading towards the tunnel and will probably pass right by it. Now since the party is so small, they’re going to make a group Stealth check to see if they can go unnoticed by the group. It’ll be a medium level so DC 10, PU7 gets a 13 with disadvantage and Cuth gets a 4 while Ilda gets a nat 20.

The group of hooded figures passes by the tunnel and don’t notice the party hiding in the darkness of the tunnel. Awesome. Now the mill is about 1000 feet away from the keep, so travelling at a fast pace the journey will only take 2.5 minutes. Rereading the mission description I realize that I forget to have the governor tell the party that he’s going to send a group of guardsmen behind them to take over protecting the mill, we’ll retcon to have had that conversation had happened.

The party will attempt to make their way over stealthily, which will increase the travel time by double, and they’ll have to make another group Stealth check. The DC was 10, which the party clears with a 14, a 4 and a 13. Excellent, so the party makes their way to the keep. They’re going to stop outside of the keep hidden by a hill near it. The party will then make a DC 15 Insight check on the raiders surrounding the mill. The group fails with a 2, nat 1 and a 14. Great guys, super great.

We travel slowly attempting to hide in the stream, the armored knight leads us as after a few minutes we approach the mill. It’s a simple rectangular barn with an attached building, and we a number of raiders stand around it carrying what looks to be hay up to the building. They’re piling it around to form tinder in order to setup the burning of the building. There are only a few raiders, three armored raiders and one hooded figure.

The party will move up to Cuth into range but they’ll have to make another Stealth check to make sure they stay hidden. Luckily, we get a 9, a 12 and a 14. Awesome, that means we get a surprise round on the raiders!

Encounter 004 (Save the Mill):

XP Total: 125

Initiative Order:

  1. Guard 1    7/7
  2. Guard 2    8/8
  3. Cuth   8/8
  4. Guard 3    13/13
  5. Ilda    5/11
  6. Acolyte    10/10
  7. PU7    5/5


Alright first up we get a surprise round. Cuth will start us off by moving into range of the top guard as well as being nice and behind PU7. Cuth gets a 18 to hit and deals 4 damage total to the first guard. Next up is Ilda who’ll move forwards to get into hammer range, and attack with a 14, which means the hammer that she hits the guards sheild and dings off uselessly. PU7 then gets to go and will move upwards to attack the same guard. A 20 to hit which will deal 6 damage total and kill the guard. That ends our surprise round and brings us to beginning of the first round.

Guard 2 starts us and moves up towards PU7 and will take a stab with their spear, the spear tabs forwards directly into it’s armor and do nothing because the Guard rolled a 6. Cuth then gets a turn and will shoot an arrow at the second guard. Cuth rolls an 11 which is not high enough to hurt the guard. The third guard will then also start rushing over. Which then lets Ilda go, she’s going to move up to take a swing at the third guard, the 8 she rolls gets her nothing. The Acolyte then gets to go, and they’ll move to be in a better position and then cast Command on Ilda. She needs to make a DC 12 Wisdom check, which she kills with her 19. PU7 gets to finish the round by taking a swing at Guard 2, the 19 they get deals 13 damage  which pretty much disembowels that sad sad guard.

Top of the round and we have Cuth, the Acolyte is well in range of the shortbow, so he’ll fire an arrow at them with a 17 that deals 3 damage. The third guard then gets to go and they’ll move upwards to the swing at Ilda, since they’re the squishiest. The 13 they get lets them deal 3 damage to her. Next up we have Ilda who’ll swing back at the guard, and get nothing in return. The acolyte gets to go and will attempt to retaliate against Cuth by casting Sacred Flame, Cuth is going to make a Dex saving throw at DC 12 and fail therefore taking 5 damage. People are getting real close to dying here. PU7 then gets to go and will attempt to also murder the third guard, the 23 they get let them deal 11 damage and then bring us to the end of this round.

Cuth starts us off and will try and fire an arrow to finish of the guard, they get a 16 on the dot and deal 5 damage that kills off the last guard! Ilda will then move up as close to the Acolyte as they can and swing with their mace, with an 11 that deals 4 damage. The Acolyte then gets a turn to attack and will attempt to cast Sacred Flame on Ilda, she rolls a 19 on her Dex saving throw. Nice. PU7 will then move forwards and swing at the last raider, the 16 lets them deal 7 damage which kills off the Acolyte and ends the combat!

The combat is quick and brutal. My arrows and Ilda’s attacks prove to be useless against the better trained and armoured raiders. If it weren’t for the knight we would no doubt have been slain. They move like a well oiled machine from raider to raider and bringing their sword across the stomachs, chests and faces of their foes. One by one they fall having been slain by the knight. I burst of magic flame nearly brings me down to my knees but I power through and manage to fire an arrow off towards my attacker. Magic- of all things. These raiders weren’t just simple bandits if they had people capable of such feats. The caster though, soon too falls to the sword of the knight.

We split the XP for everyone, and then go through and check for loot. We find 10 gp worth of treasure and Cuth and Ilda will strip the guards of their armor and weaponry. Cuth will grab the three spears, and tear one of the kill guardsmen tunic to create a makeshift quiver to carry them on his back. Both of them will help themselves to chain shirts and a shield. While Ilda will also throw on the Acolyte’s cloak. As what it seems to be a every post occasion, here’s their new statblocks.

We’re going to it at this pointer here for this post since well- that encounter ran longer then I thought. Before we go though, PU7 will give Ilda 3 HP and Cuth 2 HP from their lay one hands, and will also use a spell slot to cast Cure Wounds on them self for 7 points of healing.

You know, this would be a good place to end the post- but there’s a little more to the Mill encounter that we might as well finish. The party will the go into the mill and then suddenly- an ambush! Well- we’re going to roll to see if the ambush actually happens first. None of our party members roll high enough to notice the attacks so they get a surprise round as we start our next encounter.

Encounter 005 (Ambush in the Mill):

XP Total: 150

Initiative Order:

  1. PU7    12/22
  2. Cultist 1    7/7
  3. Guard 1    15/15
  4. Guard 2    6/6
  5. Ilda    5/5
  6. Cuth    5/5
  7. Cultist 2    8/8
  8. Cultist 3    9/9
  9. Guard 3    6/6


Christ- this looks tougher then I thought it was going to be. When I first read about the ambush, I misread it and thought that there was only going to be a one guard and one cultist… but it actually says to have one per characther… hence the team of six hiding in the loft of the mill. Speaking of- the yellow boxes are hay bales, while the brown one is the ladder up. Since the party failed on noticing them, and were’t aware that this was an ambush they all get a surprise round. I’m going to say that they were watching the battle outside, and that they’re all going to try and hit PU7- as they were the most terrifying. We get a 8, 6, 14, 5, 5, and, a nat20. So that’s one hit on PU7 that’s also a critical. It’s Guard 3 that lands the attack and deals 8 damage, bringing our warforged paladin down to 4 HP.

Great way to start the combat eh? Anyways- PU7 then gets an action and he’s going to move to the ladder and climb up it with their full speed, and then cast Cure Wounds and himself. We get a nat 8 which lets us heal 10 points! Next up is the first cultist who will move forwards one space and then try and stab PU7, they roll a 16 and miss.  The first guard is going to take another step forwards and take a swing at PU7, another miss with a 13. The second guard is going to chuck another spear at PU7, and miss with an 18! Ilda is going to step forwards and take cover behind the grain mill, and then chuck a hammer at the second guard. They miss with an 11, showing that dice sadly are not biased towards our party. Cuth is going to go take cover on the other side of the grain mill and fire an arrow at the same guard, they get a total of 20 and deal 8 damage which kills the guard! The second cultist will move upwards, and the third cultist will follow. The last guard will chuck a spear at Cuth from a side where he doesn’t have cover, and gets a 15 which dings off Cuth’s new shield!

Top of the round and PU7 will take a swing at the Cultist in front of them, get a 14 total and deal 9 damage total, gutting the cultist. The first guard will move upwards over the corpse of the cultist and swing at PU7 with a 15 that misses our super well-protected knight. Ilda will then toss a hammer at the third guard with a 17 that hits for 2 damage, sadly Cuth only gets a 15 total and misses with his other arrow, he will however move on the otherside of the mill to take cover from the guard that attacked him. The Cultists will then move forwards again  and swing at PU7 with their scimitar, and miss with a 10 total. The third cultist won’t be able to get into range, and will therefore just wait there. The third guard will once more attack Cuth, but he’ll have three quarters cover from the mill so will gain a +5 to AC, which will then cause the guard to miss with his measly 17.

Top of the round, and PU7 will attack the same guard once more with a 21 total. They will wound the guard with 13 damage total. The guard will attempt to retaliate and miss with a 14.  Ilda gets a turn to go and will attempt to finish off the third guard with a hammer throw (last hammer they have) a 16 on the dot kills the guard with 4 damage. Cuth then gets a turn and will fire at the guard that’s been attacking PU7 with an 18 that deals 3 damage and kills that last guard. Both Cultist will then get into position to attack PU7 they both miss with a 15 and a 5.

PU7 will start us off and swing at the second cultist and roll a nat 1. We roll a 23 on our fumble chart and PU7 falls prone onto the ground. Ilda will then move to pick one of the spears that was thrown at the beginning of the battle and then chuck it at the second Cultist. The 13 they get is enough for them to deal 6 damage to Cultist. Cuth will then go and fire an arrow at the same cultist, the nat 20 they roll lets them deal 6 damage and kill the cultist. The last cultist gets a turn and will stab at the prone PU7 with advantage, and deal 2 damage with a 22 total to hit.

PU7 will use their move action to stand up and then strike at the last cultist and kill the cultist with 9 damage and that’s the end of the combat!

Splitting up XP, we also go through loot collection by rolling a d6 and the party gets 60gp of treasure. Our two CCs are only a single XP away from being able to level up again- which is exciting because they’re going to even more useful! That finishes our blog post, after two combats which is a nice change after a few roleplay heavy posts. We’ll see you next post!

Cuth: 5/8 HP    EXP: 99    Ilda: 5/11 HP    EXP: 99
HP: 12/22        Spell Slots: 1/2    Lay on Hands: 0/10 HP    GP: 70gp    EXP: 424/900

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