Solo DnD – Tyranny of Dragons – Session 8: Taking Back the Sally Port

Second part of the Sally Port mission! We’re also going to name the last guard that survived (with a characther in the book) because I think after seeing his two companions die, he deserves a name.

Link to Character Sheet

Cuth: 5/11 HP    EXP: 186    Ilda: 5/11 HP    EXP: 186
HP: 11/22    HD: 2/2    Spell Slots: 1/2    Lay on Hands: 0/10 HP    GP: 70gp    EXP: 536/900

I wrench my spear from the corpse of the hooded figure inside the doorway and take a step back. The corpses of my two fellow guards lay behind me and I feel my hands clench, they were good men that didn’t deserve to die in this way. They didn’t deserve to be slain like dogs by monsters that only sought to destroy our home. I turn back to the armored knight and the two village people that chose to follow him into battle. The villagers both bend down to the dead bodies of the raiders and start to clean their weapons with the tattered rags of their clothing. I’d served as a Sergeant in the towns guards now for several winters yet there’s no doubt in my mind that these two common villagers have already seen more combat and bloodshed then I had.

Our surviving guard is Sergeant Markguth and he joins the party in entering the ready room. Inside they realize that the door leading outside the keep is heavily damaged and will take hours of work to fix mundanely. However, it can be fixed quickly with magic, Markguth is going to run back to the governor and report this while our party sets themselves up to guard the room. Markguth will return with Escobert, who’ll be able to cast Mending to fix the door. From the book (which by the way, totally railroads this casting of mending) we know it’ll take five castings or five minutes to fix the door. While he starts to cast, Escobert will also tell the party that the governor mentioned that he would like some cultists or attackers as a prisoner to interrogate. Before he can finish however, more attackers show up!

Sidenote, we’re going to bump up Markguth’s max HP to 11 instead of 6, he’ll still only have 6 HP currently though.

Encounter 008 (The Sally Port – Defending):

XP Total: 200

Initiative Order:

  1. Kobold 1    6/6
  2. Ilda    5/11
  3. Markguth    6/11
  4. Kobold 2    2/2
  5. Cultist 1    8/8
  6. Escobert    4/4
  7. Kobold 3    8/8
  8. Cultist 2    12/12
  9. Guard 1    12/12
  10. Cultist 3    12/12
  11. PU7    11/22
  12. Cuth   5/11
  13. Kobold 4    7/7


Start of the new combat and the first kobold will move forwards and try and take a bite out of PU7 with their scimitar. They’re going to miss with a 10 total. Next up is Ilda who’ll step fowards and use their mace to take a swing at the enemy guard, a 12 total misses the guard’s AC. Next up is Markguth who’ll step forwards as well, and use their spear to take a stab at the enemy guard, hit with a 19 and deal 2 damage. Next up is Kobold 2 who’ll see if he can’t hit PU7 with their sling, they’ll have advantage because of Pack Tactics, and miss with an 18. The first Cultist will move forwards and take a stab at PU7 with and miss with a 7. I’m really glad that I gave our PC such a high AC (which we plan on just raising it even higher). Escobert is going to have a turn here, where’ll he’ll contiune to cast Mending on the door. Kobold 8 is going to fire his sling this time against Ilda and miss with a 10 total. Then Cultist 2 will move and attack PU7, and get an 8 missing his AC. The guard’ll will swing at Ilda and only get a 7 which will also miss. Next up is Cultist 3 who’ll move up to be in front of Ilda, and take a stab with a knife that’ll miss at 11. PU7 gets a turn and will try and kill one of the many foes with their blade and swing at Kobold 1- and land with a 12 on the dot. They’ll deal 7 damage and turn the kobold into a fine bloody mist. Cuth gets a turn and’ll fire an arrow at Kobold 2 (the weakest looking one) and miss with an 8. Kobold 4 will get into a better position and launch a rock from their sling and land a hit with a 21 and deal 6 damage which drops Ilda to the ground.

Top of the round, and Ilda will try and make a death saving throw, she gets a 14 and a success! Markguth will take a swing at the Cultist diagonally across from him, and hits with an 18 that deals 2 damage. Kobold 2 will launch a rock at PU7 and miss with an 12. Which will allow the first Cultist to take a stab at PU7 and miss with an 18. Escobert will continue his mending, as Kobold 3 will fire another rock at PU7. The 13 they get causes the rock to ding uselessly of them. Cultist 2, and the Guard will also try and attack PU7. Cultist 2 misses with a 17 while the Guard hits with a 19 and deals 5 damage. If this is the fight where we die I’m going to be so pissed. Cultist 3 won’t be able to reach anyone- and will instead use a Help action on the Guard. PU7 swings at Cultist 1, and hits with a 15 that deals 13 damage. Cuth will fire an arrow at Kobold 2 which will hit with a nat 20 that deals 10 damage. A bit overkill, but still gets the job done. Kobold 4 will move to get into better sling position and fire at Markguth, as he looks to be a little squishier, hit with an 18 that deals 3 damage. 

Top of the round and Ilda gets to try and not to die again, misses with an 8. That’s a death saving throw failure. Yay. Next up is Markguth who’ll take a stab at the Guard, roll a nat 1, and since he’s a named characther now gets to roll on the fumble table. He gets a 66 and ends up fumbling his weapon, luckily he makes his DEX check to keep a hold of his spear and he doesn’t drop it. Next up is Escobert who’s still casting mending. Kobold 3, Cultist 2, and the Guard will attack PU7- the kobold and the guard have advantage so we’ll see what we get. Rolling we get a 16, a 14 and a 11. Thank god.  Next up is Cultist 3 who’ll move and also take a swing at PU7 which misses at a 13. PU7 gets a turn and will attack the Guard land with a 22 that deals 10 damage. Cuth will fire an arrow at fourth Kobold, land another nat 20 and I just realize that I forgot to roll on the table last time, we will this time and he gets a 20 which lets up move to the top of the initiative order and deals 12 damage to the kobold.

Top of the round and Cuth gets to go again! He’ll fire an arrow at Kobold 3 and miss with a 9, about time he started to suck. Ilda will attempt to stop bleeding out on the ground and pass with an 18. Markguth will attack the second Cultist, and miss with a 9. Escobert does nothing but mend, while Kobold 3, Cultist 2 and Cultist 3 try to kill PU7. Kobold hits with a 20, Cultist 2 and 3 misses with a 12 and 4. PU7 takes 2 damage and then tries to return the favour against Cultist 2. Lands with a 12 that deals 10 damage.

Top of the round and Cuth will fire an arrow at Kobold 3 land with a 14 that deals 2 damage. Ilda attempts once more to make a saving throw, passes with a 17 that allows her to stop bleeding out. Markguth will move forwards to Kobold 3 and try and kill him land with a 20 total and deal 7 damage and remembering that Nighthill wants prisoners will deal non-lethal damage to knock out the kobold. Next up is the last Cultist who’ll take a swing at PU7 and miss with a 17. PU7 tries to return the favour, hits with a 17 that deals 9 damage.

Top of the round, and Cuth will fire an arrow and try to deal non-lethal damage and miss with a 6. Ilda does nothing- Markguth moves and tries to knock out the Cultist, lands with a 21 and deals 7 damage knocking out the last Cultist and ending our combat!

Awesome! So first things first we split up the XP among the living party members (not including Escobert). Also since we’ve got two prisoners, we get 25 XP for each member of the party. Escobert will finish up mending the door as the party retreats back into the keep. PU7 will help carry Ilda back. The party will take a short rest, allowing PU7 to regain 1d10+3, which we get a 9 and lets us heal 12 HP. We don’t really have the healing for so we roll a d4 to see how long it’ll take for her to get out of unconsciousness, we get a 1 so that’ll be 1 hour. Luckily that means that Ilda will be up by the time we finish our short rest. She regains 1 HP and wakes up, Cuth doesn’t really have hit dice so he won’t be able to regain any health, however our two CCs have hit the XP required to evolve! That and we’re going to roll to see if Markguth won’t join our little party. We’ll roll with advantage, since role play wise I think he’d want to join, and we get a 17 which I think is good enough.

So let’s draft up some new CC statblocks.

We took Ilda’s new statblock from the Thug in the NPC section of the Monster Manuel, while Cuth is a Scout. They’re going to change some armor as they both have figured some new ways to fight.

Markguth on the other hand is still a simple Guard.

Now looking at Ilda’s new max HP, PU7 is going to cast Cure Wounds on her, and 10 points total to bring her back to 11. Okay, they seem… a little bit overpowered- but I’m not really giving them and hit dice so they can’t regain health from a short rest and the party is pretty low overall. Now, I’m going to go off book here because of this- the book does say that there is a team of healers in the keep which I’m going to use, but I am going to give one of the healers the Healer feat from the Players Handbook. With that feat we can heal the party the a little, that’s 1d6+4 for each charge spent on the kit, which we will roll a d10 to see how much equipment they have and how many charges they have. Also since I thought of this idea after PU7 used his spell slot, we’re going to have that slot still used up, even though it would be more efficient to not have that used. We get a 5 on our d10, so they have 5 charges which will allow us to heal everyone once. We get a 9, 7, 8 and a 6 which goes to PU7, Cuth, Ilda and, Markguth respectively. Now it is built in the feat that people can only be healed by the spell once per long rest, which will help make sure that this doesn’t get too overpowered.

This brings us to the end of this post- we will see you next time when we get a new mission and leave the keep again! Yay, for maybe wandering encounters.

Cuth: 13/16 HP    EXP: 61    Ilda: 19/32 HP    EXP: 61    Markguth: 9/11 HP    EXP: 102
HP: 22/22    HD: 1/2    Spell Slots: 0/2    Lay on Hands: 0/10 HP    GP: 70gp    EXP: 611/900


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