I like to think that I’ve not been this alone,
but the truth is that I always have.

This feeling is not new. Yet it aches like a fresh wound.
Helplessly I struggle to breath. Each breath full of smoke, bringing me closer to an end.

And end that I can’t see in front of me.
Yet, it all is the same.

The same end that I’ve always been heading to.
The same conclusion to my story.

Perhaps my thoughts will change.
They always have before, and if this is the same path-

Perhaps I will find my way off it once more.


Journal 0045

Yeah- aniblog is not going to happen.

Don’t got the time and what I chose to blog about turned out to be well less than five minutes, something I should have known but whatever.

Haha, anywho-

Yeah- that’s it for now.

Journal 0044

Hey, so quick update on things.

Dah dah dah dah- insert some depressing things here about my life and lack of things that are important to me but whatever.

Anywho future plans, DnD is taking a backseat in general as I don’t have that easy access to photoshop or the time to do it anymore- so instead I’m going to start back at aniblogging.

I’m blogging Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte Kara (Alcohol is for Married Couples) which appeals to both my alcoholism as well as my love of super cute couples. First episode is going to air tomorrow so I’ll see if I can’t get the post out right away.

Going to be lower on the number of screenshots but I’ll probably try and post photos of drinks that I’ll make while I watch! (I’ll research those before hand so I have some parity with the actual show).

But yeah- to tomorrow!