Journal 0047


Currently on the bus to school, so that I can work on a lab that’s due today.

I’m super tired, the medication didn’t work as great as I wanted it to last night so I ended up falling asleep at like 12:30? Still a lot better than most days but not what I wanted ideally.

Ugh, I’m just frustrated at how useless one of my lab members is. I mean I have sympathy for the guy, he’s going through shit, but like- can you try and pull your own weight man?

Meh, at least I get to draft tonight. Ixalan has been a pretty fun set to draft, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Anyways in the lab, I’ll come back to this later.

2:55am The Next Day 

Welp, totally forgot about this post until I was laying in bed and thinking depressing thoughts. 😛

Made me think, hey I should blog something- because thsts typically the mindset I’m in when I blog.

Anyways, drafting was super fun as always! Got a bunch of sweet cards, did see one of my exes friends there, can’t really not because they work at my LGS. Was a wee but awkward, mostly because I saw them on the bus the other day with my ex going to his place which is in the same subdivision as mine…

Yeah- super fucking awkward things that I have to pretend that I didn’t notice because well fuck I ain’t going to say anything and they sure as hell ain’t going to say anything.

Haha, but yeah made sure to play it cool and pretend that that sighting had never occurred. Which made things a lot better! Played some magic and had a good time!

Also had a moment earlier where I thought my friend was ignoring me… Turns out my phone is just shit and I hadn’t refreshed on the message… Whoops! 

Alright, should probably go to bed now. I’ll try to start posting more regularly, but that won’t happen. 


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