Warm bubbling from below the heart, fills the body and soul.

Without a clouded thought in my head, or perhaps with only misty visions,

I think myself happy.

Mayhap, my own thoughts tainted by drink, unknown to my true self, are the only thoughts I should keep.

They feel real, so why not believe in them.

Even if my daily life is tainted by less than happy beliefs, I choose to believe my current mind.

The drink bringing me feelings that my own sober mine can only question.

I am who I am, the world can only hold my thoughts back when I am not in touch with it.

Is there a truer me than that set free by the temptations of the world?

I think not.

I think the real world I fear is but an illusion built from years of doubt.

The world I see now is what truly lies.

If the lie is so sweet, why fight it?

To fight it, is to offer the chance of loss. To make rely accept is to only have victory.


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