Solo DnD – Tyranny of Dragons – Session 2: Combats and Combats and Combats

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Right, so here we go. Next thing that the book requires us to do is to make our way to the keep. We were supposed to get directions towards it from Cuth and Linan, but since one of them died a horrific death and the other has fled with their children (no doubt to die), we instead have to wing our way there… yeah this isn’t going to go well.Read More »

Solo DnD – Tyranny of Dragons – Session 1: Reboot

We are going to be trying this once more! It’s been a long time so we’re not going to be continuing what I started previously- hence the title, but we are going to finish this adventure path. I’ve been doing some thinking on how I want this to run as well- and I’m going to try and limit each session to about one encounter. Hopefully that makes these posts shorter and quicker to pump out.

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Solo DnD – Tyranny of Dragons – An Introduction

“Tyranny of Dragons is an epic story told across two adventure products… The ideal part size is four characters.”

– an excerpt from the Hoard of Dragon Queen Introduction

If you’ve ever DM’ed a game, you know the feeling of your PCs just completely jumping off the carefully planned trail of encounters that you’ve crafted. This feeling is both one of the best and worst things about being a dungeon master. Anyways, this has given me the idea of attempting to run through a solo game of Dungeons and Dragons, meaning that I will be playing the DM and the PC. If this sounds like a sort of DnD masturbation session, you’ve already gotten the concept!

There is one thing though that I’ll be doing to make this stand out however. The PC party will be one. How’s this going to work? Well the goal is to complete the entire adventure, both books, using a single character. There’s going to be character death, that’s a guarantee. So, to make sure that death does mean something there’ll be a few caveats.

I’ll be using three different characters:

  1. Human Fighter
  2. Halfling Rogue
  3. Elf Wizard

Every time that the character I’m playing as dies, I’ll cycle through to another one the three characters. Each character’s adventure will be independent from each other, their progress in the adventure does not relate to each other’s. When switching to a character, the encounter they died at will be repeated. This means that a character will not progress until they complete their encounter.

The actual characters I’ll be using are based on the pre-generated characters posted by Wizards. To find the sheets, go here.

So without further ado, I’m going to draft up my first actual post, we’ll be starting with the Human Fighter. I’ll be using a dice roller app for the rolls, as I don’t have my dice with me currently, but I promise to stick with my rolls.

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Journal Entry #23: ConBravo Day 0

So, ConBravo the premier convention for all things geek is starting tomorrow. Or, well it has already started for some people as planning and things are no doubt going on right now as I write this post.

Still, for the normal members of staff the convention doesn’t start until tomorrow and noon. For the normal people though, the convention doesn’t start until tomorrow evening.

I’ve been doing normal pre-con things like packing, eating, saving money and also trying to fight my pre-con cold. You know what’s dumb. I get sick before conventions and after conventions. It’s so dumb.

Last convention I was at, I had a nasty case of pink eye before it, that somehow translated to me having bright red eyes that made me look like I smoked weed about every single hour on the hour. Yeah, that made working the weekend a bit awkward.

Right now, I have a horrible cough that makes me sound like I’m dying. Sigh. I bet all my con friends think I’m always sick.

Anyways, I’ve been preparing. This weekend is going to both wreck me and be one of the most amazing things that I love. This is going to be awesome.

I just love conventions. As always, I’ll try to keep some sort of blog going on. I think I’m going to write a little paragraph about what I’m doing every hour, so let’s see if I can’t get some sort of interesting blog post from this weekend.

Also, expect RWBY Episode 2 to come up right after I’ve watched it and capped some screens from it. I’ve been putting it off, just because I really don’t want to listen to the voices. The more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I dislike the voices. Oh well. Hopefully it’s better the second time. I really don’t want to have to drop the series just because I could stand it.