I at an event right for engineering. Very drunk so this post won’t make any sense but yeah.. I just can’t quite understand why I I here.

Very high and drunk right now. Had too rewrite the last line like eight times..

But yeah. I’m single and lonely and i don’t understand what I’m here for. 


Solo DnD – Tyranny of Dragons – Session 10: Taking Sanctuary Back

Alright, so it’s a new week and therefore a new post needs to written and made (I actually write these all in advance sooo the before the jump things are always a little fake sounding eh? I’m also writing this while pretty tipsy at work, because I decided to have a couple of drinks at lunch but meh who cares!). Anyways, yeah after the jump is the actual post.

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Journal 0043

So- the Con wasn’t a massive disaster! In fact one could say that it went rather well!

Everyone was super supportive and understanding (something that I don’t deserve at all, but am more then happy to receive) and I had a really good time!

The department I ended up working in, was one that I hadn’t had any exposure to before (I’ve like two departments left to work for before I pretty much have been in every department ever at a convention), and the people were super awesome!

I knew that I was overreacting, but well- that’s kind of hard to judge and rationalize in the moment.

But yeah! Super basic post here just saying that things haven’t completed melted and that I really need to chill out.